Surge Diverters

Surge Diverters save electronic devices from potentially damaging electrical surges.  When you look around your home or workplace you will see countless Electronic devices:  TV's, stereos, computers, faxes, printers, microwaves, photo copiers, Solar Inverters & Air conditioners.  Any device that has a printed circuit board (PCB) in it is susceptible to voltage surges, and these days we are seeing  PCBs in everything from washing machines to irons & even Kettles.  

When you add up the cost of all those appliances it adds up to quite a large investment.  And surge diverters are relatively cheap insurance for all those appliances.

We have all seen the power board mounted surge protectors, which are good as far as they go, but they are only fine protection and wouldn't cover a larger surge caused by lighting hitting the supply network or switching surges.  For this switchboard mounted surge diverters are needed, which operate to take any excess voltage through to earth before it enters the building's internal wiring.

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