Hot Water

Hot Water is an essential - we endeavour to always provide same day hot water repairs for our customers and carry parts to repair all makes of conventional hot water systems on our trucks at all times.

We are also able to supply replacement Hot water systems as needed .

Note: Some of the "energy efficient" styles of hot water can take longer to source parts and repair, though many makes of these style of tank have a conventional element back up built in.

A note about Solar Hot Water.  We have been doing the maths and for all of the hassle and expense of installing a complicated Solar Hot Water system we think that there is a strong argument for installing a larger Solar Power system (PV) to cover your hot water needs using a a simple, cheap, & easy to repair conventional hot water system to make the hot water using free power from the PV system.
Many Complicated Solar or Heat pump water heaters are proving not only expensive to purchase in the first place, but also very expensive & time consuming to repair.  We did one repair that had the people waiting for parts for 10 days and then cost over $1500 in parts and labour. Whereas conventional hot water systems can be repaired same day for under $200 using parts we carry on our vehicles.

Ask us about how the maths add up with this sort of hot water solution.