Lighting Design Sales & Install

Lighting Can make a huge difference in any situation.  

We need light to see to be able to do any task, and the quantity, style, colour and direction of light can make all the difference in whether something looks practical, stylish, welcoming, or even clean.

Steve has a passion for lighting and has been involved in the lighting industry for over 25 years, whether it be:
Public area or Sporting field  lighting,
Commercial Lighting design; setting the tone and style of a shop fit out,
Making your home a warm and welcoming environment where tasks can be done and people can relax,  
Right through to working with stage and theatre lighting.
Let us use these years of experience to get you the design and result you are wanting.

Locally we have done Large projects like the Show grounds & Cricket nets, Lighting towers, Local Retail Lighting Layout  and countless Kitchens, outdoor areas, living rooms, Sheds and the like.

We have the supply networks and contacts to handle any sized lighting project and provide the right lighting at a good price, with a great outcome for all.

Home Owners:
Not everyone needs a great big lighting plan and layout like a David Jones store, but with a few simple ideas we can transform your renovation or new home from plain and mundane to functional and even a little bit interesting.  We can do anything from helping you get the right light for that particular room right through to supplying you with a whole house full of new lights.  

Shop owners:
Lighting is one thing that has been often been under-utilised locally by businesses.  

Your store or premises' lighting sets the style for the whole look of the shop.

You can have the nicest shop fittings and the best stock in the world, but if it is poorly lit it will look washed out or all blend into itself.  

Good lighting makes stock stand out and look appealing. Many studies over the years have shown the direct link between good lighting and high sales. Take a walk through a major shopping centre and notice the detail some retailers go into with their lighting.  They wouldn't be investing in it if it wasn't returning the investment to them.  

Also running costs are of high importance. We have access to high quality energy efficient lighting options to suit any design.  

Give us a call to discuss lighting options, sometimes simple things like a "night light" on a timer can make a huge difference, drawing attention to your shop and highlighted stock after hours, encouraging them to come back. 

Outdoor lighting:
Whether it be lighting up your yard in front of your shed or a sporting club wanting a whole field lit to play at night, we have outdoor lighting options to suit any size project and budget.