Electricity has been a part of our homes now for decades and some of the old wiring that has been serving us so faithfully may not be as safe and as useable as it was when first installed.  Or similarly it might have been run on the surface of your walls in unsightly ways that look out of place as you renovate.

We have rewired countless homes over the years, and in the process we have learned some very good tricks at hiding wiring in single skin walled old Queenslanders so that your wiring doesn't stand out and look unsightly.

Rewiring brings your house or business up to current standards in terms of cable size, earthing and general safety.  In many cases you can even get a discount on your insurance if your wiring has been brought up to current standards.

If you have any concerns about your wiring, please call us and we can conduct testing and inspection to give you advice on the safety of your wiring.

Types of old cable that are recommended to be replaced:
Braided Cotten coated rubber insulated cables in split steel conduit:
These old black conduits and fraying cables are getting rarer and rarer fortunately, the old rubber insulation gets brittle with age and crumbles off when disturbed leaving live wires bare and exposed.  Clearly both an electrocution and fire hazard. 
Action: Replace as a matter of high priority.  Immediately if showing exposed wire.

Black Rubber insulated & rubber Sheathed Cable:
A modern looking cable, but again rubber insulation becomes brittle with age and can just clean fall off the cable when disturbed.  Both are an electrocution and fire hazard.
Action: Replace as a matter of high priority.  Immediately if showing exposed wire.

Black PVC Insulated and Sheathed cable:
Looks similar to its cousin above, only made from a more modern PVC Plastic.  Insulation can become brittle and crack leaving bare wires, particularly after being subjected to hot roof spaces etc.  
Action: Replacement recommended. Urgent if brittle and cracked.

Grey PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Bare Earth Wire:
Grey modern looking cable has a single groove in sheath indicating bare earth wire.
This age of cable can be starting to break down, particularly if subjected to high heat situations.
Doesn't meet current standards and needs to be replaced if in a removal house being reconnected in a new location.
Action:  Test & Inspect Cables, serviceable if in good condition, Replacement recommended if brittle.

Black or Grey PVC insulated & Sheathed Lighting circuits with no earth wire:
Lighting circuits with no earthing present a safety hazard and should in the very least have a separate earth run to individual lighting points.  Better practice is to rewire lighting circuits with modern lighting cable with laid up earth.
Metal light fittings fed from a lighting circuit with no earth could pose a serious risk of electric shock to the home user in the event of a fault.
Action: Minimum of running separate Earth to each light fitting, best practice to rewire lighting circuit.